Tongue Computer Interface

Enables users to control digital devices with their tongue - without relying on their hands

A tongue-computer interface has never been commercially available before: it’s an entirely new, innovative market & space within the tech world.

Smart Braces

Smart Braces that wirelessly control smartphones, computers, wheelchairs & smart homes using only tongue muscles.

Patent Pending

Fully working, patent pending Beta device & dedicated apps.

Entirely New Space

Tongo's technology can disrupt across industries: Gaming, sports, security, assistive devices, AR & more.

Our Mission

Tens of millions of people worldwide are living with SCI, stroke, neurological disorders & a wide variety of other conditions which result in limited control over their fingers & hands, making it difficult to perform everyday actions, and locking them out of the digital world.  Tongo can change their lives.

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Before coming out of stealth mode, Tongo was funded by the Israeli Innovation Authority, supported by Microsoft, IBM, ALYN & Hadassah Hospital, won awards from Prize 4 Life ALS Foundation & the MedTech Raanana Accelerator - then finally unveiled at the Google HQ in both NYC & Mountain View.
Pilots, user tests & fundraising are currently underway, as we work toward bringing this new way of interaction to those who need it.

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Core Team

Tal Parnass


Stanford Biodesigner, Biomedical engineer, MSc @ Technion

Matan Berkowitz


Award winning inventor, TED speaker, Forbes Under 30, Teacher @ CalArts

Amit Rottenberg

Head of Operations

Mechanical engineer, MBA @ IDC Herzliya,  Senior Manager at Stanley Black & Decker

Amnon Barnea


Industrial designer, B.Design @ HIT. Impact entrepreneur

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